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Electrical Inspections in Fayetteville 

Ensuring the Safe Operation of Your Electrical System In Fayetteville & Surrounding Areas

When is the last time that you had an electrical inspection scheduled for your home or business? If it has been several years, or if you can’t even remember having one at all, it is almost certainly time to get one on the books. 

Electrical systems require maintenance and routine repairs like every other hardworking system in your house to ensure that everything is working as it should. At TL Electric, we proudly provide our customers with thorough electrical inspections in Fayetteville to provide peace of mind.

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What Is Involved in a Full Inspection of Your Electrical System 

During a comprehensive check-up of your system, you can rely on your dedicated technicians to carefully inspect every component to see if it needs replacement or repair:

  • Conduct any tune-ups for electrical components that have been malfunctioning and need to be repaired, including for your HVAC systems
  • Ensure that your panels are upgraded and your service level has been updated, so that you have all the amperage you require for your current devices
  • See the amount of wear and tear experienced by your lights, wires, fixtures, and appliances, and determine whether anything needs to be replaced
  • Check that all of your current services, panels, lighting, and fixtures match up with the most recent changes made to the National Electric Code (NEC) standards
  • Make sure that your outlets, circuit breakers, dimmers, and switches are not damaged, charred, or sparking

How a Full Inspection Can Help You Avoid the Risk of Code Violations

Electrical codes exist as a minimum standard to ensure that systems are as safe as possible. When homeowners handle their own repairs, they may not be aware of whether or not they are adhering to those standards.

Some violations which homeowners may accidentally make include:

  • Having the incorrect circuit breakers installed, or using an old fuse box instead
  • Not having the proper neutral wires for your switch locations and lighting fixtures
  • Missing receptacles which are resistant to tampering
  • Allowing your exterior receptacles to be unprotected or uncovered from inclement weather conditions
  • Lacking panels that are accurately configured for your amperage
  • Missing proper ground fault circuit interrupters (known as GFCIs)
  • Having outdated wiring, especially wiring made out of aluminum

Having a dedicated team of professional electricians come to inspect your home is the safest way to ensure that your house is not accidentally breaking any codes. To benefit from a detailed examination from technicians you can trust, speak to our knowledgeable experts at TL Electric. Read our reviews to see what our customers have to say about working with our experienced Fayetteville electricians.

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