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Have you noticed that you can never plug in more than one large appliance at a time without tripping the breakers? Many people will blame the panel for this issue, but if your panel is in great condition, there could be another culprit. Since many older homes in North Carolina were built to only sustain around a 100-level amperage service, they simply cannot handle the increased requirements of our modern devices, which often need 200 to 400 level amperage. With our designated service upgrades in Fayetteville, however, TL Electric is committed to making sure you can access the power you need.

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How to Spot the Signs That Your Current Electrical Service Is Not Enough 

It is important to recognize when your level of electrical service does not meet your needs. If your electrical system has been overloaded, it could cause an electrical fire or even electrocution. Watch out carefully for these warning signals, so that you can seek out a professional “heavy up,” which will give you the necessary amperage you require.

Some of the signs that you are going to need an expert heavy up for your service include symptoms like:

  • You can see yellow, brown, or black stains, along with burn marks, on your switches, plugs, and outlets
  • You can hear strange noises like crackling or hissing whenever you turn on fixtures or appliances
  • Your outlets, dimmers, and switches are hot or at least warm if you touch them
  • Your panel is relatively new and in good condition, but the breakers keep going off
  • There are unpleasant smells of burnt metal, melting wires, or heated plastic
  • Using multiple appliances or devices always triggers your breakers to trip
  • The lighting constantly goes dim or flickers in and out whenever you plug in other devices or appliances

Only Trust Qualified Technicians for Service Upgrades

You may be looking to have your service updated to 200 amps, or an even higher level of 400 amps, but regardless of the level of the heavy up, this task must always be conducted by a skilled electrician. There is a lot of preparatory work to accomplish this, which is why even the most intrepid DIY-er should not attempt the job. Once a thorough inspection has been completed, all the required permits and licenses must be approved to ensure that they are in compliance with the National Electrical Code (NEC). 

Even after these complex documents have been checked and completed, there is more physical and potentially dangerous preparation required to make sure that your home can accommodate the new amount of amperage. Thus, if you are seeking a service upgrade done right from the beginning, only go with trustworthy experts, like our techs at TL Electric.

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