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Timothy Lambert


Founded in May 2016, Timothy Lambert is a licensed electrician through the state of North Carolina Board of Electrical Examiners. License Number 31414.

With over 20 years of experience, Timothy, TL Electrical LLC and staff provides an unparalleled service.


A Message From The Owner:

As an licensed electrical service professional, no one knows more about the importance of electrical done the right way from the start.

The dangers of bad or faulty electrical not only puts your home or business in danger but everything around you as well. Whether the electrical work was previously done and faulty, issues arise from overloading sockets or breakers, incompatible electronics or a new site electrical installation,
TL Electric LLC can either identify the problem and work quickly to resolve it or plan out your new installation or service along with your construction schedule or management company.

We have a full team of skilled, certified and licensed electrical installers - All work covered by license and all insurance requirements by industry standard.

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